Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. 

And for me, breakfast isn’t complete without a hot cup of something.  Whether it be coffee, chickory root, or tea, I depend on the ritual and slight caffeine fix to begin a busy day of writing and studying.

Those who drink Coffee usually have a favorite brand in mind.  But I find that many are new to the idea of drinking tea.

But swapping tea for coffee can have important health benefits.  

First of all, it has less caffeine in general and is a great way to transition out of drinking coffee for the coffee addicts out there.  Second, many kinds of tea have anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and improved cognitive function as beneficial side effects.

Plus the ritual of drinking tea is something you’ll share with people the world over and I find that a hot cup helps grant me a few moments of much needed reflection and meditation during otherwise busy days. 

If you are new to tea drinking there are a few inexpensive accouterments that will help you discover and enjoy the glories of tea in a very cost effective way.

Accessories to Tea Drinking

To begin enjoying the brilliance of tea, you’ll first need to have the proper accessories.

For tea lover, loose leaf is where it’s at, so you’ll need some type of infuser.

Sure, you can buy fancy cups and kettles that infuse the tea, but there’s really a much simpler (and cheaper) way.

These mesh tea balls hold just enough loose leaf for a glass of tea.  You fill them with the tea of your choice and pop them directly into the hot water of your tea cup, wait a few minutes, and you have freshly brewed, delicious tea!  

Keep them in as short or long as you like to experience teas that are stronger or softer. These are an awesome deal and were the first thing I bought when beginning to drink tea.

Next, a good heater will go a long way to making the tea drinking process more fun and simple.  

The stove top is too much work and usually gives you more water than you’d like.

(If you do want quite a bit of tea, a good kettle like this one will help you heat it quickly on the stove- it even whistles!)

And even the microwave isn’t the best option (scalding hot teacup, anyone?)

Instead, I recommend an electric kettle (BPA-free, of course).  This is a great one.  It heats water up quickly and efficiently. 

And what tea party would be complete without a teacup and saucer?  

You can find these at local tea shops, department stores, or even online!  This one is particularly cute with the little bird on the saucer. 

If nothing else, drinking tea is a great excuse to buy antique teacups and saucers because you will actually have a USE for them. 

Teas Galore

This post would be a monster if I turned you on to ALL the amazing teas out there, so I’ll keep this part short. 

You can’t have a great tea experience without great tea. 

If you’re just not getting started with tea, you might try green tea, which is renowned the world over for it’s health benefits. Here’s one I like that comes with green tea and jasmine. 

I also love a nice chai tea, filled with warm and spicy tastes and smells.

I like this one and I put coconut milk in it for a thick and delicious experience. 

I also love this chamomile and peppermint tea as well which calms and soothes the digestive system and helps relax and put you to sleep.  Happiness.

After I grab a cup of tea, myself, I’ll be working on part 2 of this list, filled with yummy teas for you to enjoy.  If you have a favorite tea, I’d love to hear about it.  Please leave me a comment below and let me know!



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