Last week I joined Stacy and Sarah in a discussion on weight loss on episode six of their lovely podcast, The Paleo View.

In it, we discuss how to maintain momentum in weight loss, whether or not we think exercise is important for weight loss, the trouble with using restrictive language, whether or not we each eat paleo “treats,” foods to be wary of during weight loss, and — get this! — what I am currently eating, and how and why, on a daily basis. 

You’ve been asking me for years, and now it was ambushed out of me.


Download from iTunes here: The Paleo View.


Also: my friend George at Civilized Caveman Cooking recently hosted a guest post on a woman’s experience with IF — how it gave her acne, insomnia, obsessive thoughts — and about how she recovered.   A woman who’s journey at many points has been very similar to mine, and similar also to many of yours.  She can be found at The Paleo Angel.

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