Today I’m reviewing the GREAT Well Fed Weeknights, Melissa Joulwan’s newest cookbook.

The main thing I hate about eating paleo is the pure and total inconvenience of cooking my meals.

With so much going on in my life -being a student, being a dancer, blogging, working on a podcast, etc- trying to fit in time for healthy, home cooked food is really tough.

I know many of you struggle with that as well.

I know many of you have much busier lives than even I do.

You’ve got school. You’ve got kids. You’ve got extremely demanding jobs.

Etc., etc.

And that’s partially why I write so much about convenient meal replacements, protein bars, shakes, and snacks. (Did you see last week’s on all things PUMPKIN SPICE??)

Because, if I’m being truly honest, most of the time I’m not cooking an actual, balanced meal.

Most of the time, I’m opening a can of wild-caught salmon and plopping it on top of some greens.

I review a lot of cookbooks and I always test out the recipes.

They are good, delicious, excellent recipes, too.

But the reality is that many of those recipes just aren’t practical for me personally.

And that’s why I get so psyched when cookbooks come out that truly speak to my heart.

Other cookbooks I’ve reviewed will sit prettily on my counter.

I might pull them out on weekends or holidays or special occasions.

But mostly, they end up collecting dust while I scarf down an Epic bar.

Not this one.

Melissa Joulwan’s new book, Wellfed Weeknights, is a cookbook after my own heart.

It’s a workhorse cookbook that you’ll use again and again.


Because every SINGLE recipe takes under 45 minutes to prepare (many of them less).

And because she helps you come up with ways to be creative about food prep that mean more leftovers and less cooking, without sacrificing on enjoyment.

There’s about a hundred ways to make a hamburger or hot dog (I’m exaggerating, but you get the point!) so that you can cook less and still eat something that feels different every night.

Greek burgers, Californian burgers, Hawaiian burgers, breakfast burgers, there’s something for every mood.

There are ethnic dishes and classic American dishes.

And there are ways to add to your meal for fancier nights when you might want some fries with that.

What I love about this book is what I love about all of Melissa Joulwan’s work.


It’s a no-nonsense, good eating, practical cookbook that will help you not only figure out what to cook tonight, but help make you more creative so that you can start coming up with your own recipes.

I’ve lived off of Melissa’s first book Well Fed for a long time and I couldn’t be more excited for this one.

I’ll stop gushing now and just tell you how you can find it!

Well Fed Weeknights is available for pre-order and comes out on November 1st.  Find it on Amazon here. 

What do you love about Melissa’s books? Are you excited for this one?  How do you fit paleo cooking into a busy schedule?

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