Last week Sarah and Stacy had me as a guest on their podcast The Paleo View. They said that it was a moral imperative for them to have me on — other people were starting to come on the show more often, and they needed to keep me as their most frequent guest. This made our fourth episode together, I think.

And what an episode, too!

Let it stand by way of an introduction that I love and admire these two women beyond words. Sarah’s The Paleo Approachthe ultimate guide to autoimmune disease that was released last month and which has made gigantic waves in the paleo and holistic health scenes, and Stacy’s Beyond Bacon and Eat Like a Dinosaur are just some of the many reasons these women inspire me daily.

They also happen to be sassy, and strong, and smart, and mmmmmm yay!

So in this podcast we focus on hormone balance.

What are the primary kinds of hormone imbalance, and what are the signs and symptoms?

What role do hormones play in other health conditions like autoimmune disease? Is there a connection? (Answer: you bet!)

What’s up with birth control and how can it negatively affect hormone balance both in the short and long term?

And boatloads more.

Check it out and read a full, detailed outline of the show @ here, or download episode 80 from The Paleo View in iTunes.

Make sure to check out Sarah’s book The Paleo Approach or Stacy’s books Beyond Bacon and Eat Like a Dinosaur


And don’t forget to read my bestselling book Sexy by Nature!


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