Robb Wolf has a new book!!!

I know, I’m totally fangirling, but I seriously admire this guy.  He’s been one of the most important pillars of the paleo movement from its genesis and his original book The Paleo Solution continues to be a hugely important work for our community and one of the first books I recommend when asked to explain this whole paleo thing.

But now he’s done it again.  FINALLY!  He’s out with a new book that I can’t recommend highly enough.

I literally read it in 2 days.

It’s called Wired to Eat and it’s the best work on paleo in the modern context that I’ve ever read. 

This thing is like a biochemistry textbook distilled into actually interesting, readable language.

If you’re fascinated by all things nutrition, digestion, and health, you will love the detailed but simple descriptions of important topics like hyperpalatability of foods, overfeeding, hormones, digestion and gut health, and genetics.  

If you’re wanting a guide to help you lose weight as an individual, Robb’s 30 day reset with his 7 day carb tolerance plan gets about as individualized as you can get without seeing a practitioner.  

Robb has a strong belief in individual nutrition and this book actually goes into some pretty awesome methods for determining your personal carb tolerance, among other things.

Robb is honest about how truly hard it is to eat a healthful diet in a world of plenty with genes that want us to EAT ALL THE THINGS. 

Trying and failing at eating healthy is not an exception to the rule but the rule itself.

If you haven’t had trouble keeping it together around a milkshake and french fries then you are a strange alien creature!

Robb helps us all give ourselves a little grace and forgiveness because of how hard this stuff really can be.  It’s not “effortless” for everyone, and probably not for most people.  

But he also tells the truth.  And the truth is that we need to fight these impulses in order to live full, long, healthy lives. He shows us how to do that, how to help our brain with those crazy cravings and how to eat so we feel satiated.

I seriously love this book.

I recommend it for all of you who are nutrition nerds (like me!) and for those of you who have tried to lose weight or stick to a healthy eating plan unsuccessfully.  

I particularly like his carb tolerance test which helps you determine if you do better with certain kinds of carbs.  We all know that I’m a major fan of fruit for my personal health, but some people do better with starches.  The carb tolerance test will help you decide.  And everyone is different as to how much they can handle as well.

This is one of the most exciting books to come out of paleo in a long time.  Sometimes it seems like we’re just repeating ourselves over and over, but this book is really a wealth of the latest nutrition knowledge and information.

But seriously, enough writing!  Go grab this book TODAY.  Find Wired To Eat on Amazon here.

Have you read Wired to Eat?  What do you love about it?


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