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Yoga for fertility?!

October 11, 2013
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I have never been a woman who likes yoga all that much. I have done it a few times, and I do enjoy it whenever I do – but I have never considered myself a connoisseur, acolyte, or practitioner the way, seriously, no less than 95 percent of my female friends do.

Nor do I think, necessarily, that yoga specifically can accomplish the physiological feats many of its proponents claim. For example, in the ebook “Natural Fertility Yoga” yoga coach Hethir Rodriguez (CMT, MH), asserts that yoga “has an effect on reproductive health.” (Which it does. My skepticism lies in the specificity of the claims. She goes on:)  “Every posture in this series has a supporting and nurturing effect on the reproductive system or the endocrine system – the hormonal headquarters.”

Fullscreen capture 2013-09-29 PM 091611.bmpMoreover, some of the benefits of doing a yoga program include:

-“resetting your endocrine system and balancing your hormones,

-clearing adhesions and blockages in the reproductive areas,

-increasing circulation to your vagina, uterus, and ovaries,

-increasing your immune system and moving toxins out of your body,

-bringing peace and vitality to your conception journey,

-and creating an environment of clarity and self-exploration.”


So I have always been a skeptic, and I remain a skeptic, much as I remain a skeptic of other alternative health practices such as acupuncture. How can I really know if acupuncture is re-aligning my qi or not?


But whether or not certain practices demonstrate tangible effects the way Western medicine does is not a part of the question. Hethir’s claims are credible when you take into account that yoga is a phenomenally relaxing, rejuvenating, and cleansing practice. Health is holistic, and it is important to remember that we cannot reduce our health to bloodtests. The most important thing I ever did for the sake of my ovaries, for example, was stop feeling so anxious. I imagine yoga works much in the same way.


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So if you are into yoga, into alternative health, and curious about what women might be doing to increase bloodflow in certain areas and achieve better integration with their bodies and minds, this book is pretty kickass.  It is simple – all it details are the movements of the program. But complete with 31 poses and an ovarian massage, ranging from the most beginner to the most complex, you could do far worse for a program to enrich your fertility and your relationship with your ovaries.

Much as I have never become a yoga regular, I recognize it has a profound power to unite us with our natural selves. It’s not the only thing that helps with fertility – Hethir does advise you to undertake other diet and lifestyle modifications – but it does have a unique power to work at the interface of the psychological and the physiological.


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AND, if you don’t like Yoga, there are still five other fitness options to choose from!  One focusing on body weight exercises, how to run without hair by Ben Greenfield, Sandbag training (I think that is what it sounds like), Dog Yoga (!!) and Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness by Sarah and John Fragoso and Jason Seib.




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  2. Interesting. I’ve just recently started doing hot yoga (Bikram) again. My OB wasn’t sure whether that was the best idea while trying to conceive (because of the heat)…guess we’ll see!

  3. Great post, I love both yoga and the paleo diet. I think of the paleo diet as something for my mind, while yoga is for the mind and the soul!

  4. waw realy is a nice post ,i love information about yoga

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