Hey ladies hey!!!

Today I get to share with you something that I am leaping over the moon excited about!!


Me today.

Me today.

Let me explain:

Back in December, I was approached by a small group of famous health professionals out in California. Their names are Michael, Diane, and Joe.

Michael said to me – “I heard through the grapevine that you’re sort of the expert on female health ’round these paleo parts…”

And I was like “well, no, of course not, but I do try very hard to learn and share helpful information.”

And he said, “Good. We want you.”


And thus I became a part of the amazing Primal 90 team.

This team includes famous rockstars like

Dr Terry Wahls (the woman who overcame MS with diet),

Dr Daniel Kalish (the neurotransmitter and mental health expert),

Dr Izabella Wentz (the Hashimoto’s expert),

Jordan Reasoner (the paleo leaky gut expert)…

And boatloads more.

This is what we’ve worked ’round the clock to put together:

Throughout the month of February, each expert will cover his or her own area of expertise. I, for example, talk about hormones, weight loss, and sexiness.

We do this with a series of FREE videos, which are available for several days at a time. And thank goodness about the timing, too – I’m so tired of summits that give you a crazy short amount of time like four hours to tune in. With Primal 90, there’s no rush to watch the videos in a tiny window.

Throughout the month we cover things like

  • The three most common mistakes every paleo dieter makes
  • How to stop your health from breaking down right now
  • Practical tips and suggestions to implement what you’re learnin
  • How subconscious beliefs can limit your success – and what to do about it
  • Environmental toxicity, EMF’s, and how to escape today’s toxic environment
  • The secrets to balancing hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Optimizing sleep and circadian rhythms

And boatloads upon boatloads more!

Because Primal 90 doesn’t stop at videos.

You see… this time, it’s not just about the talks. It’s not just about the info in a video (which of course is still awesome!). We go way beyond that: 

We do everything we can to get you the practical tools you need to escape health traps and optimize your health, for good.


So when you read more and register for free at http://paleoforwomen.com/go/primal-90-health-mastery, you will receive:

  • Access to 30+ video interviews/segments with industry-leading Functional Medicine Doctors, practitioners, authors, experts, chef, and farmers throughout the month of February
  • Three bonus videos that you will receive right away!
  • A 21-day meal plan
  • Professional Self-Assessment to determine the overall stress load on your body (!!!)
  • Top 5 Roadblocks to permanent weight loss

All of this, for free (FREE!). 

Unfortunately I’m a little bit late to the party sharing this with you, because I’m caught up in how wonderful my life is in SPAIN…

but if you sign up ASAP you’ll still get access to all the cool stuff and still most of the videos, including my own, which airs on February 20!!

 I personally know several of the presenters, and can say you are definitely in for a treat! It is SUCH an honor to be a part of this incredible team of experts.

This is not an event to miss, in my opinion. It’s a game changer. And a life saver.

Decide if its right for you and take advantage of all of our free things @ http://paleoforwomen.com/go/primal-90-health-mastery.


Because twice.

Because twice.


PS –

My own video airs next week – so don’t miss it!!! If you sign up now you’ll get the video (filmed in my apartment in spain!) sent right to your inbox on the right day. 🙂 @ http://paleoforwomen.com/go/primal-90-health-mastery.


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