I know this may come as a surprise, but I have only recently started integrating tea into my daily life. I would honestly forget about tea whenever I purchased it or had some in the pantry. I had received multiple tea samplers throughout my life but it wouldn’t cross my mind to make a cup until I started spending time with frequent tea drinkers and I was able to observe their natural tea drinking patterns.

I would have a cup here or there growing up; my mom was a religious tea drinker so I recall several times asking her to make me a cup. Every steaming glorious cup of heart warming tea made me ask myself why didn’t I incorporate tea into my life more often.

Well lovelies, I started listening to myself and enjoying tea daily! I am a huge fan of the comfort any hot beverage or soup brings, and the tremendous amount of flavors available always keeps me interested. I am now proud to say I am a mildly seasoned tea drinker, (I am no connoisseur, I may still leave all of my tea bags in the water for far too long according to some tea drinkers, but hey, it still tastes delicious to me!!)

AND there are many good reasons that people have been drinking tea for centuries. Some perfect times to enjoy tea include:

  • In place of your morning coffee
  • When you have an upset stomach
  • When you need the emotional comfort of a hug but your best friend is across the country
  • When you are stressed, anxious, or sad
  • When you are thirsty for something warm and stimulating without the side effect of, lets say, coffee

And literally, there is a tea flavor for any situation. I have recently been enjoying these 5 heart warming teas pretty often.

1. Matcha 

Matcha is fantastic in the morning as a replacement for coffee. This particular type of tea is a species of green tea hailing from Japan, but is a bright green powder instead of a dried leaf. This bright green powder contains fiber, chlorophyll, antioxidants and is nutrient rich. The taste of Matcha resembles that of a typical green tea, but is slightly more vegetal. This tea has caffeine in it, but is lacking the chemical components that cause the negative side effects found from ingesting too much caffeine.

2.Ginger Tumeric

This is my go to whenever I think I may be starting to get sick. The power couple that is ginger and tumeric provides a kick of antioxidants and both are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. They also taste surprisingly delicious together. The ginger is not modest, so if you are prone to indigestion or acid reflux, this may not be the best tea for you.

3. Good ole Green Tea 

The amount of varieties of green tea available is quite mind boggling. When paired with mint, or fruit, or just alone, green tea is a soul-warming, refreshing palate cleanser. Subtly caffeinated, I usually enjoy this tea only in the morning.

4. Peppermint

MY FAVE YOU GUYS. I am literally drinking a cup right now. Which is so strange because I really don’t enjoy mint things. Like it blows my mind people eat mint and chocolate together. But when it comes to peppermint tea, say no more. It ALWAYS makes my stomach feel better if it is upset, and it provides a jolt of vibrancy without caffeine. And it makes your breath smell amazing.

5. Cinnamon

This is a tea I have just recently come around to. Cinnamon is a really potent smell, so I have to be careful with how often I drink this as it can be overwhelming for me. I usually enjoy cinnamon tea when it is cold outside and I need a little pick me-up while trying to get some work done. Cinnamon tea usually contains black tea also, which does have caffeine in it, so be cautious drinking near bedtime.


Still unsure? Check out this paper on tea and the effect it has on our bodies.

But really, I truly believe there is a tea out there for everyone. One type I used to enjoy a lot when I was younger is Chai Tea. Chai has cinnamon, cloves and anise in it, so think more along the lines of a delicious fall candle. When mixed with coconut milk and honey, this becomes an amazing treat.

And, if you are feeling really experimental and none of the teas above sound delicious to you, you can always try out a sampler of tea to find the perfect tea for you, like this one. OR pull out the google machine and look up your local tea house. Serving and enjoying tea is a craft and an art form, and the people out their that are knowledgeable on it are usually really interesting to have a conversation with. They often perform free tastings of tea that is brewed properly, so you can ask a real tea master where to start.

So there you have it. Did I convince you to board the tea train? Let me know what your thoughts are, or if you have any favorite teas you think I should try.


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