Beautycounter is getting a lot of exposure in the paleosphere these days. I am not immune to that exposure (despite my attempts to veer away from social media). I really thought it was gimmicky and annoying how often people post about it- if I wanted to try it, it would have to be on my own accord.

I was on the fence. Is Beautycounter really as efficient and effective for our skin while also being safe for our skin? A lot of products out there that advertise as clean or paleo really don’t do anything for underlying conditions, or they just don’t work at all. I was under the impression Beautycounter fell into this realm.

And, I really want you to know, I wouldn’t advertise or affiliate with anything that didn’t work or that I didn’t try personally.

Noelle (thanks babe!)  really was the one to encourage me to try their products. She is a consultant as well, but has also been having a lot of luck with the products. As in, the products are ACTUALLY working for her skin.

I am always open to trying something once I can navigate and understand the full range of benefits. Y’all know that I have extremely sensitive acne prone skin, so I tread very lightly when it comes to introducing new products into my regime.

But – Noelle literally dared me to try it. I cannot resist a dare like that especially from my best friend that knows the frustration I have experienced with my skin quality. So, I decided to give it a shot. I was skeptical from the beginning, believe me.

But you guys.

Something happened. It wasn’t miraculous or angelic, but it was progress. I started with a basic moisturizer. I had been spot treating various areas of my face, using a combo moisturizer on my cheeks, chin and forehead and using a normal skin moisturizer on the rest of my face.

With the Beautycounter product I was able to use just one moisturizer across my entire face, producing the same results. Which is unheard of. I have had to buy multiple products for AGES to properly treat each delicate portion of my face. I was pretty impressed.

Some bonuses to this realization:

Bonus Point 1 – I no longer had to invest in multiple moisturizers. The Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer I was using is a little pricey, but it replaced three moisturizers on my shelf. (Hello, one more glorious step towards minimalism!)

Bonus Point 2 – Noelle has been using the moisturizer for a while so i was able to use her as a resource for any questions I had, and she basically showed me how to apply it.

Bonus point 3 – It actually worked. It kept my face dewey and amazing all day. Slightly annoyed, I decided to buy a whole bottle.

I was really skeptical the whole time because again I really don’t want to share something with you that didn’t work. And, everyone is using it, so I know you’re thinking, why would I need another consultant in my life.

Well guess what! With my experience and knowledge regarding skincare, I can provide advice and treatment suggestions based on your skin type. I won’t just tell you to grab a of best selling moisturizer if you have acne-prone skin. I am committed to helping you find the very best solution for you, even if it isn’t Beautycounter.

Reasons Why I Caved:

  1. I know that the ingredients aren’t crap: It is pretty overwhelming trying to navigate the world of sustainable and paleo skincare. Ingredients are sneakily named to conceal their true toxic identities, and after finding a product that works it is very easy to just stick with that product for life (guilty). Because Beautycounter has such a trusted following and are transparent with their ingredients, I don’t feel like the wool is being pulled over my eyes. Beautycounter has this document called the “Never List” which is exactly like what it sounds. You can check it out, here. They refuse to allow over 1500 ingredients and chemicals that are commonly allowed in other cosmetics, into their products. This includes not allowing the use any of the chemicals found in the European Unions banned list. All of the ingredients pass a strict screening process to ensure the products you are getting are safe and sustainable.
  2. Because it actually has worked :Noelle hooked me up with a few samples to try before I bit the bullet. Like I said, I was quite skeptical. But it actually worked. Which the stubbornness in me wanted to deny because this is such an overly hyped product, but I couldn’t deny it.
  3. Beautycounter is a female led company : in today’s climate you can bet I am going out of my way to supporting female led companies. A.
  4. Refund policy : This stuff isn’t cheap you guys. But it lasts a hell of a lot longer than anything else I had purchased from Sephora or online. I think it is easy to get overwhelmed looking at the initial price, but for lack of sounding like a saleswoman, it truly does last longer. Their full refund policy can be found, here.
  5. All of my friends are already very knowledgeable on the products: this, combined with my existing skincare knowledge means I can offer support on all ends of the spectrum. Feel free to hit me up if your curious about what might or might not work for your skinny if you’re on the fence about trying it.
  6. There are no synthetic ingredients: Beautycounter has always refused to use synthetic ingredients as a lot of people tend to react negatively to them, and it can be difficult to determine the true ingredients and chemical composition of them. I am grateful for this because synthetic fragrances are an absolute hard no for my endocrine system.

We discuss inflammatory products we could be consuming on a daily basis in our food, like gluten, dairy and sugar, and we do the research to know the inflammatory reactions these things can cause. I have focused on eliminating these products because they negatively affect my health, and because I have an air of suspicion about why, and how, large corporations are getting away with putting these inflammatory products in not only our foods but also our skin care and even scarier, our medicine.

Beautycounter is just  another step towards gaining awareness of what we are putting into our on our bodies, and taking control while being empowered by using products that make us feel better, not sicker.

The transparency is really what got me here, loves. I feel secure in using their products. And they are making strides to make their standards more recognized by our government and regulating bodies. They actively campaign for transparency, so that someday we may have more than one product line to choose from.

Anyways; if you’re interested in checking out these products or learning more, sign up for my email list dedicated to safer skincare, here:

If you are not interested, no worries! I am not going to bombard you with emails trying to sell a product. My only goal is to help increase the availability and reach of Beautycounter so we can have the option to choose safer skincare.

I will be sharing some of the products I loved on my Instagram story, typically on Mondays too. As always, send me an email if you have any questions!

All the love !


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