Hey there hey! 

My name is Stefani.



Welcome to my home. 

Welcome to the Paleo for Women community!

My name is Stefani, and I am the director of our rag-tag community.

I am here, for you, today, because I have been on a long, hard journey.

I have been sick. I have hated my body. I have lost my fertility. I have struggled with my mental health. I have been “overweight.” I have been “underweight.” I have been in terrible, heart-breaking pain, both physically and mentally.

I got tired of it.

After years of experimentation and hard work, I found methods that work for me. Of course, things are not PERFECT today. And it was a bumpy road to get to where I am. But I can say honestly with so much peace that I am in a good place, in both body and mind.

Today, I am healthy. I wake up most mornings and get out of bed with a smile. I am abundantly fertile, sexually ravenous, self-loving, courageous, confident, and radiantly alive. (Usually.)

I care about nothing more than helping you do the same.

I am here for you on your journey.

Ups, downs, and all of it in between. In your battles with your self-esteem, with your health, with your body, and with your life.

Because I have been there. Oh, boy, have I ever. And I continue to be there. Every day.


What I was doing wrong


Most of my problems, starting more than a decade ago, came from the fact that I was trying to do things the way they are normally done.

I did what I was supposed to do:

I counted calories. I went to the gym twice a day. I ate a low fat diet high in “heart healthy whole grains.” I convinced myself I liked tofu, though how I did that I cannot even remember.

Then I found paleo–or rather–my mother told me about paleo. I did “paleo.”

But it wasn’t the answer for me. Paleo back in the day was all about low carbohydrate diets, exercise, and being thin and fit. I went to the gym twice a day. I intermittently fasted. Some of my problems, like my abdominal fat got better. Others, like my infertility, my low libido, and my cystic acne, got worse.

I realized that even the mighty paleo diet–the way it was normally done in those days–was wrong for me.

Turns out, the way paleo was normally done was wrong for a lot of women.

We just didn’t know it yet.

I set out to fix that.


This girl to the rescue!!!



This is what I managed to do for the women of the Paleo community:


  • I debunked the myth of intermittent fasting for women. It’s not as good as people say it is.
  • I figured out how health professionals were treating PCOS incorrectly, and – while I cured myself with my own new methods – I taught paleo bloggers and dieters how to do it right.
  • I realized that many women need carbohydrates in order to be optimally healthy, so I (together with other paleo leaders who were catching on) convinced the paleo blogosphere of that, too.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I started the branch of the paleo movement that promotes self-love as a way to be healthy and happy. I wrote a bestselling book on it. (>>That one!) sexy by nature amazon saturatedAnyone who reads the book or my blog here quickly picks up on how fun and easy it can be to love themselves, and is inspired to start on a journey to greater acceptance and love immediately.

I also wrote the somewhat revolutionary guides PCOS Unlocked, Weight Loss Unlocked, and Clear Skin Unlocked, that have helped thousands of paleo women regain hormone balance and achieve radiant health.

I know this sounds like a lot of patting myself on the back, but this story is accurate. I was our first, and I remain one of the fiercest, advocates for women’s health in the paleosphere.


What this all means

My new nourishing and female ass-kicking perspective on paleo saved my life. I became physically healthy again. Yet more importantly, I began living by principles of what I call “REvolutionary womanhood.” (Get it?) I became loyal to my natural body. I stopped trying to make myself look like a photoshopped magazine cover. I nourished myself instead of fighting myself. I felt powerfully and radically sexy not because I looked a certain way but  because I learned to love myself deeply and unconditionally.

Today, I write this blog for you. Every day I show up on this blog and give it 110 percent, because I have been there. I am there. I know what these journeys are like. I’m still on one, and it is far from perfect. I still struggle with some health issues. I still stand in front of the mirror and scrutinize my body sometimes. I watch far more Parks and Rec than any well-balanced human being ever should.

This means that I know the ups and a lot of the downs. I know the pitfalls. I know the science (well, much of it). I know hormones. I know disease. I know nutrition. I know lifestyle. I know that every body is unique, and that you’ve got to find the answer that works for you.

I am with you, always and unerringly, in your journey towards powerful, exultant, radiant womanhood.

Let me be your friend and your guide, and show you how to live a healthy, rich life full of excitement, sexiness, and love.

stefani love