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What is Paleo for Women?

Paleo for Women is the world’s first resource dedicated specifically

to meeting the mental and physical health needs of paleo women.

Who started it all?

I did! My name is Stefani.

I started the Paleo for Women community back in 2012, when I realized

that “normal paleo” was actually hurting my health.

I found a new way.

I have since committed my life to helping women use paleo in a special way to find better energy, 

stronger bodies, and more peaceful mindsets.

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What you’ll find at Paleo for Women


Provides solutions to all things hormone imbalance, from menopause to HA to estrogen dominance to infertility, and more. Here.


Most medical professionals  misunderstand PCOS. Find out about what they’re missing and what you can do about it. Here.


Clear skin solutions based on healing the underlying problem, permanently. Topical solutions are also discussed. Here.

Weight Loss

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a battle. I discuss how to manage my weight healthfully, and all without obsesing over it. Here.


The health industry is full of quacks. Fortunately I know how to find them. Find here my reviews of the best books, food servicess, and products on the market. Here.


One of the best things you can do or yourself is learn how to be forgiving, loving, and patient with yourself. I’ve done the work; now I share the tricks. Here.


Noelle Tarr and I publish our top 10 Health and Fitness podcast every Tuesday. Listen in for authentic, scientific, and sometimes funny health talk. Here.


No matter your paleo need, I have you covered. Here, find a list of my favorite staples, from magnesium supplements to fermented beets. Here.

My Programs for Acne, Weight Loss, and PCOS

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Weight Loss


The Well-fed Women podcast

My bestie Noelle, I, and a million other women 

get together every Tuesday

for authentic, unfiltered conversations

about health, fitness, nutrition, and body image. 

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