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I have recently compiled everything there is (so far as I personally think is relevant, a big time caveat) to know about birth control, spanning from details of the pill, various health risks, how to prevent pregnancy naturally, and how to keep your hormones as balance as possible while on or coming off of the pill.   I put it all in one handy, easy to access guide, something that I call a “map” to the birth control territory.

With this map, I provide the low-down on birth control that will have you feeling in control, empowered, and ready to embark on (or adjusting!) your birth control journey.

Did you know that different birth control pills could make or break your long-term fertility?  That some can give you crippling side effects?  That you might have to “recover” from the pill, depending on how sensitive your pituitary gland and your liver are to hormonal supplementation?




To that end, Birth Control Unlocked: Your Body, Your Options, Your Guide includes my perspective on:

-how to recover from the pill

-how to be fertile as soon as possible after coming off of the pill

-how to keep your hormones as balanced as possible while on the pill

-how to feel good while on the pill

-what different birth control options entail

-how birth control works and its specific effects on the body

-the variety of natural alternatives

-various strategies for supporting reproductive health


all for FREE (!)


Seriously. I have decided to give this resource away for free for the next couple of months!

To learn a bit more about the book, read this blog post or

check out the table of contents below:


table of contents


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Birth Control Unlocked