Protein is good.  Protein is important!

We all know it.

A proper paleo diet is a moderate to high protein diet.

But women often struggle to get enough protein, even paleo women.

There are various reasons for why this is, but I’m not terribly interested in those today.

What I am interested in is telling you about a new product that can get more protein into your diet (in a tasty and delicious way!) and also might save the planet.

Many countries rely on this interesting source of protein.  In fact, it is a major portion of protein in the diets of many. 

It is easy to cultivate and easier on the environment.

So what IS this type of protein???

It’s crickets, guys.

Yes, crickets. 

My friends at Exo, a fabulous company at the heart of creating paleo protein products made from crickets, sent me a sampler set of their protein bars which use cricket protein (from a cricket flour) as the main ingredient.

Now, before you close out of this post and think “no way!”, let me tell you:

I have personally tried EVERY flavor of these bars.  I have inspected them for cricket parts and cricket taste.  I EXPECTED to be grossed out and I found the total opposite.  

Why You Should Choose Cricket Protein

Raising crickets takes less feed (and that’s per pound of product!), produces 100x less greenhouse gasses than producing meat, and requires vastly less water than what beef, pork, or even chicken require.

Crickets also contain more iron than spinach and are a COMPLETE protein containing all the essential amino acids one needs (something not true of many plant proteins). 

Those are pretty amazing things, especially if you care about the environment!

But How do They Taste?

The texture of Exo bars is smooth, similar to how I remember fig newtons tasting! They have a very nice “mouth feel” as the foodies say. 

There are no tiny cricket legs or eyes looking up at you!  Everything is ground down into a smooth flour so that if you are having trouble with the idea of eating crickets, you can pretend you aren’t doing that!

But the BEST part.

All the FLAVORS!

I have personally tested all of these and let me tell you, they are fantastic:

Banana bread (Umm yes) Find it here

Apple Cinnamon (Halleluj) Find it here

Blueberry Vanilla (Breakfast Heaven) Find it here

Cocoa Nut (Dessert!) Find it here

And a personal favorite, if just for the nostalgia, Peanut Butter and Jelly! Find it here

If you’re interested in trying these for yourself, you can buy your favorite flavors alone or get one of the yummy sampler packs!

Here’s where to find the 4 flavor sampler pack which comes with 12 delicious protein bars. 

A Much Better Meal Replacement

These bars make a fantastic meal replacement for when you are in a hurry.

Because of the nice high protein content they are a MUCH better choice than many bars, including many paleo bars that are basically almonds dipped in honey. 

These will provide lasting energy and satiety, keeping you full until the next meal.

I also like them as a post-workout (or post-dance!) snack.

Overall, I have nothing but lovely things to say about Exo and their fabulous protein bars.  I highly encourage you to try them out.  Just give them a chance.  I can almost guarantee you’ll love them!

And to find out more about Exo and why cricket protein is the future check out their website at  Use the code PALEOFORWOMEN for 15% off your order!


Two lucky PfW women will win a sampler pack with a flavor of their choice!  To enter, comment below by Friday, Feb 26th and let us know what you think about cricket flour and what flavor you’d like to try! Winners will be notified by email 🙂


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